Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Muslim youth get confused

The world has become a global village. What is happening in some street in America can be heard in Australia or other parts of the world. If a bomb explodes in Pakistan the whole world knows about it. People living thousand miles away can interact through internet or telecommunication or can travel thousand miles in some hours. All of this has made life easier and luxurious for mankind. Every positive thing can be made negative or can be seen as negative with a different mindset.

Muslim youth are living or studying in western countries, even those who live and study in Muslim countries get all the secular education and they are very bright and talented in every field. It feels good when we see Muslim youth excelling but unfortunately they surpass only in secular education. There is no Islamic education provided to them in the whole period of education. Even in Muslim counties the curriculum focuses only on secular education.

So when they hear misconceptions and lies against Islam, they get confused as they themselves have no direct knowledge to Quran and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Non-Muslims deliberately choose and pick verses out of context from Quran and intentionally create misconception to confuse non-Muslim masses and Muslim masses. There are millions of books written against Islam especially after the false flag operation of 9/11. All the misconceptions are refuted with logical and authentic proofs but those who are deliberately attacking Islam don’t want to understand.

In order to handle these problems faced by Muslims and especially Muslim youth, we must educate our children, brothers and sisters with proper knowledge of Islam. Quran recitation alone is not enough; we also need to understand what we read in Quran. We need a proper balance between Islamic study along with secular education both are important in order to understand this world and to get close to one and only ALLAH Almighty.

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