Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why Islamophobia and Misconceptions against Islam

Islam is the second largest religion in the world with almost 1.8 billion followers. Islam is the only religion in the world that is rapidly growing.  A huge number of people are converting from other faiths to Islam. In America alone Islam is the fastest growing religion, however the enormous growth of Muslim reverts has led to a new line of propaganda that tries to give false and fake figures to show that Islam is not the fastest growing religion. In the past non-Muslim sources use to publish reports that suggests that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and especially America. Here is a link to News that was published before the false operation 9/11.

Nowadays, fingers are being raised at Muslims for so many things that are negatively stereotyped heavily on all media outlets in the world. Non-Muslims have categorized Muslims based on their own analysis; they refer some as Fundamentalists, Extremists, radicals, traditionalists, Islamists, moderates and ultra moderates. They consider fundamentalists their enemy and do as much as possible to make people of the world hate them. However, they define themselves who are fundamentalists and who are extremists and who needs to be stopped. For example, those who follow complete Quran and Sunnah, want to implement the teachings of Islam on themselves and want to live under an Islamic rule are the most extremist and fundamentalists according to them because west doesn’t want an Islamic system of justice and moral values. The new ugly morals defined by the secular west are in direct conflict with the true morals and Islamic values. E.g. many in western societies don’t mind going to beach dressed in bikinis along with their male members of the families. Now this is extremely immoral and considered taboo in a Muslim society. This was even considered taboo in western society some decades back but they have redefined their morals. Now they want Muslim societies also to get indulge in their ugly immoral society values, where there are gay marriages, illicit sexual relationship and so much more. The hatred they hold for fundamentalists (True Muslims who stick to the fundamentals of Islam) is quiet clear from their mouth and plotting. The New York Police Department was using an anti-Muslim video in training for officers. They are training their officers, who are supposed to be the law enforcement officers to hate Muslims and to deal them in a different way. There is good and bad everywhere, it’s not that all Americans or westerns are against Muslims and Islam. There are very good people who speak and stand for truth and Muslims. But I am referring to those who utterly hate Islam and Muslims.

ALLAH says in Quran:

“Oh you who believe! Do not take as your intimate friends, anyone other than your own (the believers). The others (the unbelievers) spare no effort to corrupt you. They love to see you in trouble. (Malice and) hatred has already burst forth from their lips, but what their hearts hold back is far worse. We have explained the verses to you. If you would only understand!” [Holy Quran 3:118] 

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