Monday, January 10, 2011

The Books of ALLAH and the World

All the way through the Quran, heavenly revelation, and particularly the Quran itself, is called a "book" which is referred as ‘Kitab’ in Arabic.   On the other hand, this word should not be implicit as just an usual book. In medieval Arabic, the word kitab stood for any type of dictated communication, whether it was on paper or vocal.  The Quran refers to itself as Umm al-Kitab, "Mother of the Book" or "Sourcebook" (13:39).
“ALLAH effaces and establishes what HE wills, and with HIM is the source of all commandments.” [Quran 13:39] 

Here the Arabic word used is Umm al Kitab which can be translated as real authority, Mother of the Book, basis of the Book, source of ordinance, original of the book, Essence of the Book, original Master Record or source of revelation. Individual learns from this book that Divine commands are supported on a methodology of what today would be called "active learning."
Quran is a means of participatory learning that is based on an interleaved reading of the two: the Quran and the lived world around us. As Quran is a Divine guidance for the whole of humanity from the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to the end of times. Therefore it has to pass the time test, meaning it has to be equally valid in all times. This is one of the beauties and miracle of Quran that it is valid even in this age of technological advancements.

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