Friday, January 7, 2011

Good or Evil, Who decides?

Every human with an intellectual reasoning, concludes that there is a Divine Power that is controlling everything in this universe. Even Atheists cannot defend their claim with any logical reasoning.
A man is born innocent with an independence to become good or bad. Man is gifted by intelligence and potentiality. If he develops them and utilizes them for the ethical and material improvement of mankind, his conduct is good; if he is unsuccessful to make the most of his enormous resources or puts them to uses which are destructive to mankind, his conduct is bad. Divine Guidance points out the way to self understanding and to the encouragement of knowledge and happiness. By following the path which is pointed out by Divine Guidance, man can finally achieve the status of a "mo’min". A "mo’min" is at peace with himself and with the world because he has successfully resolved his inner and outer conflicts. Divine Guidance entrenched in the Quran shows the way to harmony in a person’s mind as well as in human civilization. This Book does not give us only a code of principles; it gives us with a code of life which provides direction, morality, values and laws relating to every subject of human life and natural phenomenon. 
Islam is a code of laws revealed by ALLAH, through his Messenger, Muhammad (PBUH), for the guidance of the whole of mankind.  
Allah says in Quran:
“(Oh messenger) We have, in fact, appointed you as the bearer of good news, and as a warner for the entire humanity. But most people do not comprehend.” [Quran 34:28] 
This direction, what we may call eternal morals, is completely conserved in the Book of ALLAH, known as the Quran. Further, Islam categorically and with assurance advances the claim that if life is led in full obedience with and in total subordination to the eternal morals, it will be rid of all the travails and difficulties in which the entire world of the current day finds itself snowed under condemning mankind to a hellish life in spite of the magnificent and tremendous material and scientific development.

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