Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oppression and lies against Islam & Muslims

Especially after the 9/11 twin tower incident, there has been so much bashing, negative stereotyping, propaganda and Islamophobia. Muslims are looked as terrorists. Thousands and thousands of books are written and published against ISLAM and Muslims. In doing so they are crossing every limit, from creating misconceptions against Quran, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Islamic laws and whatever they can find they try hard to give a wrong picture or create confusion.
The effort to give a bad name to Islam started from the days of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the hypocrites and the Jews tried their level best to stop the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from spreading but their efforts went in vain. ALLAH says in Quran:

They desire to snuff out the light of Allah huffing and puffing at it with their mouths (by uttering banalities) but Allah insists upon bringing His light to perfection, much to the chagrin of the unbelievers. [Holy Quran, Surah Tauba 9:32] 

Much as the unbelievers hate it, Islam is the fastest growing religion especially after the false flag operation of September the 11th. Without any proof and evidence the Americans invaded a Muslim Land in 2001 and killed millions of innocent men, women and children. Still the Americans are killing civilians and have oppressed them. Reports of American soldiers killing civilians for fun, raping Muslim women is common. In 2003, again the Americans lied and bombed and killed millions and millions of Muslims in Iraq. The whole corrupt and hypocrite Muslim nations are silent and support America directly or indirectly. We can very well imagine why is there so much Islamophobia against the faith of those who America is killing, murdering and brutally destroying their lands. Americans and the stake holders want a major portion to have no sympathy with Muslims by giving them a barbaric picture of them. But the harder they try to defame Muslims and Islam, more people wake up and realize the truth.


  1. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. learn quran online

  2. i agree with u,, islam teaches the lesson of peace and brotherhood,

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