Monday, January 10, 2011

Divine code of Laws by ALLAH

Islam is a code of laws revealed by the one and only God of the heavens and the earth’s i.e. ALLAH, through His Messenger, Muhammad, for the direction of the whole of mankind.  This guidance, which can be considered as Permanent Values for humanity, is completely conserved in the Book of ALLAH, known as the Quran. Moreover, Islam vigorously and assertively advances the claim that if life is led in complete obedience with and in absolute subordination to the eternal Values, it will be rid of all the travails and difficulty in which the entire world of the present day finds itself weighed down accusing humanity to a hellish life regardless of the astonishing and overwhelming objects and scientific development.

These are some of the values commanded in Quran:
Respect for Humanity.
The very truth that each individual child at his birth is evenly gifted with a character or individuality, entitles every being as a human entity to equal admiration and reverence ; and no difference at all must, therefore, be permissible to the incidence of birth, relatives, clan, race or community, nationality, religion or sex, for, says the Qur'an :
Verily We have honored all children of Adam (equally) (17: 70).
The criterion of high position in society
The inherent importance of every individual human being is homogeneously the same, but the decisive factor for formatting the relative place and status of every human entity rests on his own individual qualities and disposition:
And for all there are ranks according to what they do (46: 19).

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