Sunday, February 6, 2011

Etiquette of Reciting the Quran

 Muslims believe Quran to be the word of God and the guidance laid down from God for Mankind. Muslims give tremendous importance and respect to the book of ALLAH. It is compulsory for Muslims to learn and understand Quran, in every Muslim household there is at least one copy of this Book. 

A person reading Quran must make sure that, each word is pronunciate in accordance with the notations. While reciting Quran one must keep in mind the division and joining of sentences. It should be read in a way that others don’t get disturbed or annoyed. Quran must be read with proper understanding, since it is the guidance for the whole of humanity. Without understanding, it is not possible to follow the teachings properly. When reciting Quran one should strive to recite in a beautiful voice.
The etiquettes and respect for Quran is also keeping the book in a clean and decent environment. Before touching or reading, a person should perform ablution. Cloths of a person should be clean from impurities. One must not be in a state of intoxication while reading Quran. At no point it should be placed in a way that a person’s feet or back is turned towards the Quran. When leaving Quran for a short or longer period, it shouldn’t be left open.

Quran is a divine book; therefore it must be handled with extreme respect and care. The love and affection with this book automatically develops in ones heart when he/she realizes the fact that it is the guidance from the Creator to the creation.

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