Monday, February 21, 2011

Value of Holy Quran in the eyes of Muslims

Muslims believe Quran to be verbatim word of ALLAH. The last divine book reveled on the final Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Today the only divine book that has no human intervention and fabrication is the Holy Quran. Quran has historical, astronomical, technological, scientific, mathematical and many other miracles that are proved by the authentic science. There are predictions made in Quran, of those many have been discovered by mankind. Islam is a belief system with moral and practical laws that have their source in the Holy Quran. ALLAH says in Quran:

“Indeed, this Qur’an leads on to an appropriate and secure path. It gives the good news to those who perform righteous deeds, that theirs is a great reward!” [Quran 17:9] 

ALLAH also says:

“That day, against each nation We will summon one of their own as a witness, and (Oh Mohammed, SAW) against these people We will bring you out to testify. We have granted you this book, which explains everything. It is the guidance, the mercy and glad tidings for those who submit!” [Quran 16:89] 

Human activities in life are guided by some plans or programs, if there is no target or sense of achievement then there is depression. We see an alarming rate of suicides and depression in secular and western states of the world. ALLAH tells us in Quran the essence and the reason for the creation of mankind. Therefore, today Islam is the only fastest growing religion is in the world. This is because whoever search for a reason and purpose of life ends up reverting to Islam. Quran holds great importance for not only Muslims but the whole of humanity. The only way to success is to follow the commands of the Creator of the worlds.

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