Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quran and the historical facts

In previous two parts, I described about the three major archaeological findings that came into attention of the learned people of the world. If one takes these into consideration, using evidence, logical reasoning and intellect of mind, it quickly becomes crystal clear that the Quran and the historical signs contained in it, has been revealed by the Almighty Allah. in this part I will tell you about the people of the Hijr (Stone).

The people of Thamud are mentioned numerous times in Quran, there is very strong and significant knowledge available. Archaeological sources confirm the existence of such tribe in ancient times. They use to make their homes in huge mountains. Allah says in Quran:

“The people of al-Hijr denied the Messengers. We brought them Our Signs but they turned away from them. They carved out houses from the mountains, feeling safe, but the Great Blast seized hold of them in the morning, so all that they earned was of no use to them.”
The Holy Quran, Chapter 15, Verse 80-84

Prophet Salih (A.S) was sent to people of  Thamud. The ruins of thamud are in Jordon. When they asked for a sign from Allah, they were given a sign that was a she-Camel. they killed the camel despite the fact they knew that it is a sign of Allah and they also plotted to kill Prophet Salih (A.S). then Prophet Salih warned them of Allah’s wrath and punishment in three days. After the three day warning of Salih, thunderbolts filled the air, followed by severe earthquakes which destroyed the entire tribe and its homeland.

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