Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quran and the Egyptian History

One of the many miracles of Quran is the historical facts present in it. Many archaeological finds are discovered just recently and they were mentioned 1400 years ago in Quran. The story of Musa (A.S) and Pharaoh is mentioned in Quran, where Allah mentioned that He will save the body of Pharaoh as a sign for future generations.

"Today, we will preserve your body, to set you up as a lesson for future generations." Unfortunately, many people are totally oblivious to our signs.
The Holy Quran, Chapter 10, Verse 92

After 3000 years the body of Pharaoh was found in the interval of 1881-1898. There are many historical miracles in Quran like:


Haman is mention six times in Quran as one of the closest allies to the pharaoh. The condemnation of many non-Muslims vanished after the Egyptian hieroglyphic script was deciphered some 200 years ago. The name Haman is mentioned in that ancient script.


The arrogance of pharaoh and the people close to him who said to Prophet Musa that they may not believe even if He may bring signs.

They said, "No matter what kind of Sign you bring us to bewitch us, we will not believe in you."
The Holy Quran, Chapter 7, Verse 132 

Because of their proud attitude Allah sent to them afflictions, which are described as signs. As mentioned in Quran: 

We seized Pharaoh's people with years of drought and scarcity of fruits so that hopefully they would pay heed.
The Holy Quran, Chapter 7, Verse 130 

In the early 19th century a document dated back to the time of Prophet Musa (A.S) was found. It’s clearly mentioned in detail, the calamities and afflictions that struck the people of pharaoh. The calamities are also mentioned in Quran and the document confirms it.