Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quran- A constitution for Humanity

The Divine book revealed to the final messenger of ALLAH is Quran. The confirmation provided by the Quran itself, as well as chronological research, proves that the original Quranic text has not been altered or is expected to be tainted in the future. This is an exclusive characteristic of the Quran and is not shared by the previous Divine books now extant. The Quran exemplifies the deen (The System of life) revealed to the previous Messengers of God in its true and perfect form. The form of expression of the Quran is neither poetry nor prose, but has its own approach and style. It has an extraordinary attractiveness and magnificence, and is inspiring.

Quran is revealed for the whole of mankind so that they may know the purpose of creation. There are many common questions that arise in a person’s mind like why are we created? What will happen after death? How to lead our life in this world? How to deal with others? What are our duties that we should perform? How to be successful in the afterlife? And many other such questions that comes in mind. All the answers lie in Islam.
Today Islam is the fastest growing religion in the western society. There are many scientists, engineers and from many other professional fields that end up converting to Islam because of the intellectual reasoning that humans are possessed with.

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